What causes the ripples in the ceiling and how can I fix it? I have a few things going on. I hate the ripples in the ceiling when the light hits it just right you can see every piece of drywall and the I hate the popcorn. I'd like to remove the popcorn and repair the ripples. Can this be done or does the whole ceiling need to be replaced. I have removed the popcorn in our bedroom and retextured and it looks great. I have no problem doing that but don't want to go through the process if the ripples are just going to get worse. We've talked about pulling down the current ceiling and replacing, but we just put the blown in insulation in the attic and it would be a horrible mess. We also talked about going over it with more drywall but thought that if we add-on to the house later that we would have to put two pieces of drywall to the new area too so that they will match, or if the old ceiling that's under the new ceiling continues to sag it will eventually mess up the new ceiling too....just looking for suggestions and advice. I want to do the right thing but also don't want to do more work than is truly needed. I tried to attach a pic but for some reason couldn't. Thanks!