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    Default Drywall Mudding and the Skip Trowel Finish

    I am drywalling my basement and have begun the arduous task of mudding. I plan on doing the skip trowel finish as I like how it looks and it tends to hide mistakes well. The question I have has to do with the number of coats of mud used. If I plan on basically covering walls with the skip trowel mud, do I still need to mud the seems with the typical three coats? Or can I get by with a decent first coat that covers up any remnants of the taped seems?

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    Default Re: Drywall Mudding and the Skip Trowel Finish

    you need more than one coat.. the first coat is done with sheetrock 90 this is what gives the joint its strength. its much harder than mud when it dries. extremelely skilled tapers are capable of doing a room in 2 coats but thats rare. the key is to first fill the cracks, then feather them out. each layer should go on as thin as possible so it will fully dry but also to reduce the amount of sanding required
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    Default Re: Drywall Mudding and the Skip Trowel Finish

    Skip troweling is very difficult for the novice to do, let alone do correctly. The pros make it look easy, but it's not, it's something that takes years of practice to be good at.

    As far as how much the drywall needs to be finished before the texture goes on, you'll want it as near baby's bottom smooth as possible. Skip troweling doesn't hide nearly as much as a sprayed texture. Regardless of the texture being used, any abnormalities are easily seen under it. You can get away with some, but not much. Joints need to be fully filled and feathered. Nails can remain slightly hollow without much notice, but still it's not recommended to leave hollows and irregularities, as they will be visible when you're finished.
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    Default Re: Drywall Mudding and the Skip Trowel Finish

    ^ Indeed. My media room was skip-troweled and variations in the sheet rock are evident when viewed at certain angles. This room is permanently dark, so it isn't a huge problem. Thankfully, the builder did a better job in the other rooms.

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