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    Default Tongue and Groove to tight on new flooring

    Hi, I have quater-sawn white oak flooring that is so tight that my installer says he can't install it. He measured the moisture content of the wood and it was 7% which he said is ok. I bought this flooring from a wood shop in Ohio. The owner told me when it left his shop it was fine and that he had a sample of my flooring that he kept. He made the tongue 244 thousands of an inch. The groove is 254 thousands of an inch with the wood above and below 248 thousands of an inch. The total is 750 thousands which is 3/4 of an inch thick. Ten thousands difference doesn't seem like much. Does anyone know what is the industry standard? The boards are 3 inches wide. Ninety percent of the boards are between 14-16 feet long. I tried using a router table with a 1/4 inch bit to run widen the groove but the boards where to long to handle. Next, I set up two utility tables lengthwise and place the flooring on it and used a router on the groove. This worked good enough that my installer got one room done. I put a dehumidifier in the room where the wood is being stored to see if that would help. I'm going to put the heat tonight. I was wondering about using wax. Before I do the rest of the wood with a router, I was wondering if someone had a better idea?
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    Default Re: Tongue and Groove to tight on new flooring

    the guy who milled it should be dealing with it and eating the cost to properly mill it. this issue is something that happens quite a bit with cheap hardwood flooring that comes from overseas as they dont have very good quality control. the only other time ive heard of installers having issues with hardwood not going together easily is in the middle of the summer when the humidity is ungodly which causes the wood to swell.

    you can try to run a dehumidifier but where the moisture content is already fairly low unless it went up in transport or your house is humid .. it mainly sounds like a milling problem though
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