I have NEVER in my life seen anything so assinine as how this was used to avoid scraping and painating.I have 7 layers of paint to strip off of maple window sills, window frames, doors, molding around doors and floor molding. Under 5 layers of the paint, is a layer of wood filler, which is on top of 2 more layers. I am assuming when putting on the 3rd layer of paint, the worker used wood filler to cover the flakes in the bottom 2 layers, instead of scraping and removing the old paint. I have called every contractor and individually owned paint stores I know for ideas and advice. Currently, I am using a regular sander, a finishing sander, stripper gel, acetone, fabric softener, a putty knife along with a razor blade sc****r.In 4 days of 8 to 9 hours work a day, I have one whole window sill and frame almost done, 1 halfway done, 1 1/4 of the way done, and one I'm just starting on. I use all these tools in a pattern. If you know of anything that can help me speed this process up, I'll kiss the sky.