Continued from above...

Better view of front.

Such a strange entry door...and it is original. It is offset to the right of the porch(which is original)and has none of the other grand windows or transoms accompanying it for such a "grand" home.

Description of historical society and wider photo of home.
The Leilich House, a Georgian Revival house, was built by Henry Louis Leilich in 1901. It is located at 505 West Fifth Street. The house is the only one in town with a widow's walk, a deck at the top of the house from which the wives of sea captains stood and watched for their husband's ship to return. Henry's granddaughter, Esther, and her husband, Robert T. Powell, later owned this house. This city landmark has been well maintained and preserved.

Last but not least, an interior video of the home...when they go up the staircase and show the smaller room...not the hinges on the swing open window to get to the 2nd floor balcony. Also the finished space up top with the ladder to access the "widow's walk". Plastic work in beginning room is original and as is the canvas ceiling in the room after it.