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    Default Smell in house we can't find or get rid of

    For ten years we have spent thousands of dollars on inspectors, contractors and plumbers trying to get a very strong sewer smell out of our house after a remodel. It comes and goes in different parts of the back of the house at different times, mostly starting in a hall and master bath. It also seems to know when a guest is coming (the smell shows up) or a plumber is coming (it is gone). We have had cameras down pipes, h/a vents vacuumed, washer/dryer removed, and pipes removed and rerouted. It still shows up. This can't be healthy for us -- the smell is so strong at times it gives us a headache! We have tried everything short of tearing the back of the house down. We're out of options. We live in Sacramento, CA

    The remodel was a 600 sf addition at the back of the house: new kitchen, master bath, family room and master bedroom.
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