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    Default Generic 20kw whole house generator

    I purchased a whole house generator for my home and was wondering if I could use PVC conduit instead of regular conduit it is a 70 foot run in a crawlspace ?

    Also the instructions are very weak what size wire must I run 3awg,4awg I am not sure and even what size ppe 1 1/2

    I am in Illinois

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    Default Re: Generic 20kw whole house generator

    This is a code question, best contact a reputable electrician in your area. Might let the expert do the wire-in to the system as well for safety reasons.

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    Default Re: Generic 20kw whole house generator

    I have to agree with kcb, it would be best to hire a qualified electrician. The gage of wire will depend on the type of wire used and it must be installed with a code compliant transfer switch.

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