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    Default water reservoir in attic

    Hi all,
    I'm new to this forum so hope this has not been covered before (but I doubt it!)
    I have found a 22"wide x 77" long x 24" deep lead lines 'tub' under the floor in the attic of my 1885 home. It has a 1.5" pipe leading into it coming from down inside the house and hooking over the top rim of the tub.There is also a .75" pipe going out the bottom (cut off as it exits the ceiling of a 2nd floor bedroom closet next to upstairs bath room. Looks like a joist was cut out and a lead-lined wood box constructed inserted into the space. The lead liner is about 1-2mm thick. It has a water line on the sides so it definitely held water at some point. Can anyone explain what this was for? Maybe a summer-only gravity fed water supply for a retrofitted bathroom? I'm thinking someone could have hand pumped water up into this tub for extended use. For showering or shaving etc? Just curious if anyone has any thoughts. Thanks in advance. I've attached a couple of photos.
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