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    Unhappy low cold water output

    Hi!First a plumber repaired out shower faucet due to the problem that we cannot have a warm water- its only hot or cold. He replaced the whole assembly since he cannot get a part from the old one. He was able to fix the problem but another problem pop up after the repair. Our cold water supply for the kitchen faucet is now low for which we only have intermediate warm and hot to very hot water. cold water is low and we cannot even use our water filter for use in our drinking water because its very warm. He was suggesting that we open the tubes because he said it might have clogged during the process. but we have just had the kitchen faucet repaired before the shower repair. Im so frustrated. PLease help

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    Default Re: low cold water output

    Just follow the plumber's suggestion, because your problem is most likely located in the kitchen cold water supply line, the kitchen cold water angle stop or the kitchen faucet itself.

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