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    Default Demand for Spray Concrete Foam

    I live outside of Keene, NH and think that, with the number of old colonial houses in the area, the demand for a spray foam service would be pretty high.

    Does anyone have any information on the cement based spray foam? Anyone in Southern New Hampshire think there's a need for this?

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    Default Re: Demand for Spray Concrete Foam

    check your local yellow pages, there will be listings or contact a true lumber yard, not a big box..lumberyards will have numbers for contractors who deal in the stuff

    yes spray foam is in demand but its also 3x the cost of conventional insulation, not sure about hte concrete stuff your talking about i have yet to see it in use
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    Default Re: Demand for Spray Concrete Foam

    Is this like stucco? Sounds like a good way to reduce the value and ruin a historic home. Some modern materials and old homes don't mix. Many of these materials are not very durable and you can end up with a big mess 20 years from now.

    SO is this some kind of aerated concrete material. I think I've seen thsi used for fireproofing in industrial plants. All of the stuff I've seen has started ot come off and crack in pieces. Yo basically have 2 dissimilar materials and over time the concrete will crack. Stucco at least have lime mixed in it and lath or wire mesh to make it a little more pliable and give it more tensile strength.

    Besides, the insulation value of concrete even if you could entrain a lot of air in it still isn't very good.
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    Default Re: Demand for Spray Concrete Foam

    I've heard of one type of cementitious foam insulation that uses magnesium oxide --- I believe it's a company called Air Krete ( or something like that )

    From my understanding it provides about a R 3.7 - 3.9 per inch and costs about the same as Polyurethane closed-cell foam insulation which provides R 7 - R8 per inch. --- personally I would go with the Poly foam for the bigger bang for the same buck.
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