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Much of what you are addressing is just politics.
Home treatment devices often change the make up of the water. Softeners can make the water aggressive.
We were talking about the service line coming into the home. In most hard water supplies, there is nothing attacking the pipe material in that portion of the service line. The water may not actually be in contact with the pipe.

Replacing the water service can cost thousands of $$$.

If it can be repaired, in most cases that is a better use of resources. i.e. homeowners $$$

(Note: In old neighborhoods with lead water services, the sewer may be run right with the water service. Replace one, you replace both. More $$$)

Again. Contact your utility for information on the water and your service line. Read your CCR.
You are kidding!!! The adverse effects of lead have been known for many years. What would politics have to do with it?