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    Default Flashing roof below window

    I need to build a roof over an entry door but there is a window to the entry atrium that is right on the door framing header. The roof will be right below the sill of that window. If I use 2x6's for the rafters I can get about an inch of clearance but how can I flash where the rafters connect to the header?

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    Default Re: Flashing roof below window

    is the 1"clearance between the sil of the window and the roof?

    for the door all i would do is flash the door with vycor or blueskin, the blueskin will seal around the hanger nails which are used in the joist hangers for the rafters. and the door will be protected from the elements by the roof.

    my concern is if you only have 1" clearance between the window sil and the roof. you wont be able to get a proper seal for the flashing on the wall that protects the point where the roof meets the wall and the sil will be more prone to rot seeing how its so close to the roof. if it were me i would either make the window smaller or move the existing window higher up in the wall so you can properly flash the roof junction at the wall via bent metal that folds up the wall a minimum of 4" and up under the house wrap and siding
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