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    Default stainless steel hot water heater

    Recently purchased 9 year old house with well water. Sulfur odor hot water side only. I am looking to replace 9 year old water heater rather than simply try a new anode rod. Tankless hot water system is more than we would like to spend. Rich Trethewey has a page that mentions stainless steel hot water tanks for some situations. This seems like a possible solution to the odor problem since no anode rod required with stainless steel tank. I was told by plumber that a stainless steel tank requires a separate heating device. I am writing to find out if there are residential stainless steel hot water heaters on the market. If anyone knows of one, would you be able to provide me with the manufacturer(s) name(s)? Thanks very much.


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    Default Re: stainless steel hot water heater

    Instaed of stainless you might want to check out Marathon water heaters

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    My co-op sells the Marathon heaters. I don't have one, but when my GE goes I am going to get one. They are, effectively, warranted for life on the tank and are very well insulated. They cost about 2X that of a regular electric, but if you get 20 years out of it the payoff is obvious (and I also think they would be an attractive feature if selling).

    Good luck.

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