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    Default Faced vs Unfaced

    I'm remodeling my older home which currently does not have any exterior insulation. I'm located in Philadelphia, PA so i'm pretty sure the climate means I need a vapor barrier on exterior walls so I have to choose faced vs unfaced+vapor barrier.

    Also this second floor bedroom is on an overhang where most of the bedroom sits above the kitchen, and about 4 feet extends as an overhang. So no only is the exterior wall uninsulated, but 4 feet of the overhanging floor is uninsulated. My plan is to take down the kitchen ceiling with hopes that i can reach far enough into the overhand to insert batt insulation.

    Does this mean that I need faced insulation for the exterior and the 4 feet of overhang, plus unfaced for the rest of the floor?

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    Default Re: Faced vs Unfaced

    Ideally you want a continuous vapor envelope. Just do the best you can. Its an older home. The vapor barrier police aren't going to stop by any time soon.

    You'll probably fare better with blown-in insulation of that overhang. Check to see if there are any fireblocks in your way before purchasing the supplies for the insulating.

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