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    Default garden bed drill

    Roger Cook had an episode on TOH where he built a wchr accessible raised garden bed. He used a drill(?) to install the rebar (to push the rebar down into the 1/2inch drilled holes). What was used? If it was a hammer drill, what is used to keep the drill from turning the rebar into the holes? I purchased a hammer drill/driver combination and don't want to damage the drill. No one here at Lowes, Sears, etc., know what I am talking about. many thanks
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    The hammer drill was used only to make the holes.The rebar is hammered into the holes as you would a nail.

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    Default Re: garden bed drill

    Some hammer drills have a hammer only function.
    That is to say they can either drill,hammer drill and hammer only.

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    Default Re: garden bed drill

    You can make a raised garden bed using recycled materials, ... You can use inexpensive garden pots.

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