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    Default shur flo gutter gards?

    I am having new gutters installed by Lowes. I am planning on also getting Shur Flo gutter gards as I have many tree in the front and back of my home. Does anyone have any info on this product. I cannot find any reviews ******. Some companys sell a fine mesh but the price goes up quite a bit. The Shur Flo is the most cost effective for my needs? Thanks, any info would help.

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    Default Re: shur flo gutter gards?

    - I'm yet to see a gutter product that works beyond one season.
    - A gutter/spout system works well, only when it's clean.
    - And the best cleaning method is very frequent cleaning by hand, brush, broom or blower. If you let everything accumulate, it turns into rotten mess.
    - Otherwise, having a clogged system is worse than having no system at all.

    Now to your specific situation: if you have many trees, they drop a lot of leaves and debris, so you must clean the gutters a lot to have an effective system. That's what I'd do.

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    Default Re: shur flo gutter gards?

    I am amazed at the cost of some of these miracle gutters. I have seen quotes of over $30 per foot, resulting in prices of several thousand dollars! You could have the average house gutters cleaned twice a year for a couple decades for that money!

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