It is just me or are any other ladies out there kind of irritated that the commercials for Home Depot only show the girls and women painting things but not fixing anything? There's the commercial where the cute little boy and his dad fix the sink. Then there's the commercial where the girl paints her room. Then there's the other commercial where a bunch of women pick out paint colors. Why don't they ever show the girls and women with a hammer or a wrench? The subtle (or not so subtle) message still being sent out is that fixing things is a man's job. Well, the vast majority of women will be single as some point in their adult lives so it behooves all women to learn at least basic home repair and maintenance. And even if you decide not to tackle some of the bigger jobs at least you will know enough to make an informed choice when hiring someone. So Home Depot please quit telling me that I can't do anything but paint. I will say that I am quite pleased to see that on Ask This Old House they do get the women homeowners as involved as the guys. Thanks! I have learned a lot from your show and have fixed many things around my house. Keep up the good work.