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    Default Re: P-trap alternatives for a small bathroom

    The problem with bottle traps it they don't completely flush all the standing water like a P-trap. This can cause frequent stoppages in the trap. They are a copy of the old drum traps which are not permitted in most states.


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    Default Re: P-trap alternatives for a small bathroom

    Found this on a forum from 2008; don't know how current code reads.

    UPC (Uniform Plumbing Code) generally prohibits drum traps.
    1004.0 Traps – Prohibited.
    No form of trap which depends for its seal upon the action of movable parts shall be used. No trap which has concealed interior partitions, except those of plastic, glass-or similar corrosion-resisting material, shall be used. "S" traps, bell traps, and crown-vented traps shall be prohibited. No fixture shall be double trapped. Drum and bottle traps may be installed only when permitted by the Authority Having Jurisdiction for special conditions. No trap shall be installed without a vent, except as otherwise provided in this Code.
    So it appears the main concern with bottle traps is that the seal it provides could be compromised by corrosion and not be detected. If you find a plastic bottle trap, it may be acceptable, but you must get your inspector's approval. You may find yourself arguing with your inspector, and inspectors tend to be a rather arrogant lot.

    (Now there's an appetizing thought -- a glass trap. "Hey Bob, come here and look at this crud going down the sink. Cool, eh?")
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