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    Default Hardware for hanging wood storm window

    Our local Amish carpenter made beautiful new wood (Spanish cedar) windows and wood storm windows for us. We want to be able to hang the storm windows in a way that allows us to prop them open from the bottom, on occasion, if we need some ventilation during the winter. The storm windows are inset 1 1/4inch off of the trim, therefore we can't use a flush mount hanger. What hardware should we use to hang the storms?

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    Default Re: Hardware for hanging wood storm window

    The storms should have been made to sit against the blind stop.. so the hangers would go on the window casing, with a small eye & hook on the sill. To prop them open you can use pivoting arms (forget the name) similar to what you find on casement windows.

    On my original windows, I still can see marks on the window frame where the storm window hangers were mounted.
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