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    Post half bath

    I live in Miami. Would anyone know how much it would cost to install a half bath, i.e., sink and toilet? I plan to have it installed in the laundry room which is on the other side of a full bath (divided only by wall board).

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    There is no set price for such an addition. It all depends on your situation, because there are various costs to deal with:

    - permit, inspections
    - rough plumbing
    - types and styles of fixtures
    - finish
    - labor
    - you need to make sure your laundry is big enough for a 1/2 bath.

    What you need to do is get a plan, get bids from local tradesmen and compare.

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    As dj1 said there are to many variables to even be able to give you a good guess. Also being in Miami I'm sure your house is on a slab which would require cutting up the concrete floor.


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