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    Default Wood Frame Bowing From Air Conditioner

    With the cooler air coming along I decided to remove a window unit air conditioner and noticed the weight has bowed the bottom frame of the window inward. Its starting to disconnect the wood from the corner where the bottom of the frame meets the sides of the window and I'm not sure what I can do. When the spring/summer comes along i'm going to put the unit back but don't want the bottom frame to give way and have the unit fall to the ground below. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Wood Frame Bowing From Air Conditioner

    Did the a/c leak on the wall supporting it at any time?

    It's hard to imagine an a/c wall unit causing such a damage, unless the wall is built incorrectly.

    You will have to check the wall's framing, redo it, if necessary.

    Also, if your a/c unit is kind of heavy, add a couple of exterior supporters.

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