I had to dig a trench from the house to the garage to replace the wiring because the garage had no power, there was already conduit there so all we had to do was replace it with new wire which was rated outdoor and didn't need the sleeve or whatever it's called because the elec. guy at the store said that there is no requirement anymore to encase the wire in a conduit pipe because it gets too hot so as long as you use the proper oudoor wire, you can just stick it in the ground and cover it back up with dirt, etc... But when we were filling the trench back up I noticed that in some spots, the wire is only 6" from the top, should I tamp it down farther or is that ok? The guy told me it shouldn't be too taut so I was afraid to push down on it too much. Would it be a good idea to cover the area with pavers or something on top of the dirt? The part that is going into the garage runs under concrete which we will have to redo anyway. Any help would be appreciated, I just want to set my mind at ease. Thanks!