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    Default Window inside the steam shower/tub.

    I have an an existing window where I want to put my steam shower/tub. Do I need to water proof it? Should I take off the wood casing and just tile around it? is there a way to seal it instead?

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    Default Re: Window inside the steam shower/tub.

    From the information posted here and elsewhere, you need to do a fair amount more research on steam showers before proceeding. Every square millimeter needs to be not only waterproof but vapor proofed as well. The standards for steam showers are well above those of a regular shower. Wood framed windows in a steam shower are a recipe for failure, rot, mold and leaks. Only solid vinyl framed, non-operating windows or glass block would be acceptable in a steam shower. The window itself adds extra load to the steam unit and must be included in the calculation of the steam unit. Generally windows are avoided in a steam shower whenever possible.

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    Default Re: Window inside the steam shower/tub.

    To answer your questions

    1) Yes it needs water-proofed

    2) Yes take off the wood casing (as Houston says leaving it is a recipe for disaster)

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