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    Default Drainage question

    I have an old cape cod built in the 1940's The basement has a sump pump pit , with two port holes allowing for drainage to enter the pit. Here on the east coast we have been bombarded with rain and the water table heightened to the point of coming up through the floor. I noticed that the drains into the pit were running slowly now , as compared to a couple of years ago when heavy rains would flow the pit would fill more quickly and the pump would be running all through the night .... Now the fill speed is much slower, More than likely these drains are clay, can I have a plumber come in and use a drain auger and try to open them up so that the flow is faster again?

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    A plumber may be able to clear them out. The problem may be from leaves. It wasn't uncommon to connect gutter & leaders to the same drains that are going into your sump pit.


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    Unhappy Re: Drainage question

    I have the same problem with my drains being clogged and nothing is now flowing into the pit. I had it scoped and they found dirt in the line and the plummer claims there is a break somewhere in the line. Their solution is to jack hammer the perimeter of my foundation and reestablish a new line. Has anyone have a better idea that won't be so invasive and so expensive?

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