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    Default Drop in cutting board

    Does anyone know where they got the drop in cutting board that they used in a video to hide a burn in a laminate kitchen countertop?

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    Default Re: Drop in cutting board

    they may have made it, not uncommon to do in situations such as that.
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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    Default Re: Drop in cutting board

    You can cut out the area of the burn with a jigsaw. Save the cutout. Then get any cutting board that is larger than the cutout and appeals to you.

    Place the cutting board exactly where you want it, then from underneath the cabinet, outline the cutout on the bottom of the cutting board. Now just glue the saved cutout to the bottom of the cutting board using the outline as a guide.

    You can remove the laminate from the cutout if you like by heating it with an clothes iron (no steam).

    There are fancier ways of doing this, but this requires the least number of special tools and the least amount of skill and experience with woodworking.

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