I'm looking at changing out a 30 year old boiler to a more efficient gas boiler. I have baseboard hto water throughout my 100 year old house.

To start I had a home energy assessment done. They advised I up my attic insulation and also recommended a Weil-McClain Ultra 3 boiler. Upping the insulation was a no brainer, but I'm a little stuck on what boiler to go with.

I've met with 3 other HVAC companies who have all said I would never recoup my costs by going with a high efficiency boiler. They say the added upfront costs won't pay for themselves within 10 years. They are all pushing a 82% +/- efficiency simpler model instead of the 93% efficiency Weil-McClain Ultra being pushed by the company that did my energy assesment. I also see some scary reviews on the Weil-McClain Ultra 3's and their very poor quality/customer service. I'm now heading toward decision paralysis. It's a big investment and I don't want to replace my 30 year old reliable inefficient boiler with a new high efficiency expensive system that might break down the first year and every year after.

Can anyone offer some unbiased advice for me?