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    Default Outdoor wooden steps

    how do i know which typr of wood i should use for outdoor wooden steps? Also is pine a good choice?

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    Default Re: Outdoor wooden steps

    Where are you located?

    Generally Pressure treated (PT) pine is the first choice, redwood is nice but a bit soft. Ipe is ideal, but $$

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    Default Re: Outdoor wooden steps

    pressure treated all the way, especially for the stringers. if you do use pine make sure to prime all edges and the ends before you install them to seal it from moisture.

    the last couple years every deck ive done has recieved composite decking, dont have to worry about rot period, they say its good for 1000 years
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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    Default Re: Outdoor wooden steps

    While I agree that stringers, joists, posts, etc. should all be PT, I'm not 100% certain that choosing composite boards for the top deck, here in the scorching heat, is such a great idea.

    In this case, the OP is asking about steps, so I think PT would work fine for steps too.

    jkirk, who says this composite stuff should last 1000 years? the manufacturer? the salesman? ?? I installed a composite top about 5 years ago, it wasn't my choice, and now it started to lose its top layer that turns into dust On the other hand, redwood boards last at least 25 years and longer, depending on the level of care they receive.

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