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    why would my shower in upstairs bath begin to rattle the pipes when it is turned on. It only dose it for a few seconds, like air in the pipes. 2 handle shower controler, apx 20 years old.
    It dosent leek or drip

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    Most likely, one of the valves has a loose washer. You would need to remove the handle, then likely remove a chrome cover, then there should be a large nut which will remove the stem. At the end of the stem there will probably be a rubber washer held on by a screw. This is the washer I'm talking about.

    Since you've got the thing apart, now is the time to replace ALL washers, gaskets, and O-rings; also replace the screw that holds the washer on.

    Any hardware store should have or be able to get the appropriate replacement parts.
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    Fencepost sounds like he knows what he's talking about. He forgot one VERY important step tho. TURN THE WATER OFF FIRST! . Otherwise, sounds great. Also, make sure the plumbing is properly secured and insulated.

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