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    Default Put new soil in old tree pit?

    We just had to remove an old silver maple in our backyard--sorry to see it go but tree was dying. Just had the stump removed; what's left in the pit is soil mixed with wood and root chips. We are told that this kind of soil does not promote growth well--we plan to have plants here. Should I dig out the root pit and put new topsoil in there?


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    Default Re: Put new soil in old tree pit?

    The wood and the root chips will rob the soil of nitrogen as they are breaking down, however once broken down, they will add organic material to the soil and return the nitrogen, but this can take two to three years.

    You can use high nitrogen fertilizer to help you plants during this time period. Blood meal and cottonseed meal are good organic sources, or you can just use some Urea Nitrate if you can find it. One of the high nitrogen formulas of Miracle Grow will work.

    In the end, the soil where the tree was will be better than if you replace it now with ordinary soil. BTW, if you use one of the organic sources of nitrogen, you will have earthworms that will help breakdown the woody leftovers.

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    Default Re: Put new soil in old tree pit?

    If you want to plant now remove as much of the chips as possible and fill with topsoil and compost. It will settle, so allow for that.

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