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    I have a big problem in back yard ! A very large oak tree produces heavy shade and grass can't grow.

    The tree also drops many limbs/twiggs/leaves I thought of placing pea gravel over area but don't know if that's a good idea because of falling stuff.

    Any ideas ?


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    I think you will soon regret the pea gravel if you do that. You can mow the leaves and small limbs into a mulch. The branches are a more difficult problem, you may have to remove them and haul them off. If you have a saw, you can cut them up and use them as firewood or temporary landscape curbs.

    You should also look into shade loving plants to make a shade garden. This can be an attractive, low maintenance solution.

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    Like Keith says, pea gravel a bad idea. You still have to pick up the debris and later it is next to impossible to remove. Check with a good nursery in your area for native shade loving plants, and stick with them.

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