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    Default Failure of finish

    The oiled bronze (black or dark brown) finish on the tub drain has failed. The brass is exposed and now it quickly corrodes to a greenish white. It cleans up easily, but comes back in a day. Any thoughts on restoring the black or just protecting the brass? I'd really rather not pull the drain out to replace it if I can leave it in place.

    I was thinking maybe dabbing on gun blue. Any other ideas?

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    Default Re: Failure of finish

    Although I'm no pro in this particular field. I do have an idea that is fairly simple. Typically, fixture companies achieve the "antique" finish on bronze by taking new bronze and running it thru an acid bath to get that dark brown/black patina look. I would recommend thoroughly cleaning the affected area with a metal polish like brass-o. Rub the cleaned area with a weak acid (read: vinegar)until the desired patina is achieved. You may need to soak a clolth in it and let it sit on the bronze overnight. Finish with a quality clear coat, like a waterproof urethane. Hope it works for you, if not, the worst that will happen is that you'll have to re-clean the area and try something else.

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