We purchased our 1938 Colonial home in 2003. It had sat empty for 7 years. The previous owner did keep it heated & cooled. It needed a complete over haul. The last interior paint job was around 1958 when the newest addition was built. Almost everything was original. Two years ago I painted our bedroom closets. It wasn't until last year when I packed a suite case to visit my Mom that I noticed a smell coming from it. My clothes smelled musty. When I arrived home I washed all my clothes hanging in the closets thinking that would get rid of the smell. The next time I packed a bag, same thing. What is going on? How do I get rid of the smell and where is it coming from? I'm worried that all my clothes are musty, I just can't smell them because I live in it. Even my coat closet downstairs has a musty smell if I keep the door closed. (That is newly painted as well) Does anyone know what can be done about this?
Thank you