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    Default Re: Temporary Alternative to Boarding up Windows?

    Quote Originally Posted by jeffcat View Post
    With the little bit of house work I've done on older homes, we always started from the outside going in. Main reason being moisture concerns and a complete inability to deal with wood work in such an environment. It's better to assess the property and start with exterior design features you desire and pick/search for some windows to add to the home and install them. Begin the weather proofing phase and the interior will take care of itself and be a much more pleasurable experience to boot.

    I completely agree. Put your money on the entire exterior of the house and get electrical service.

    Once you have a 100% finished/weatherproof exterior you work on Bathroom and kitchen in that order (if there is any money left). You sleep on the floor, bedrooms and living areas last.

    Don't waste your money on a pretty interior at first.

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    Default Re: Temporary Alternative to Boarding up Windows?

    FOr hte interior... paint it cheap. Start there. You should "sleep on" any major renovation plans or permenant changes for at least 6 months. You first instinct might be to gut an interior, when in fact jsut a little paint and floor refinishing for 1/2 the price is all you need.

    Remember, plaster isn't an inferior wall material. It's actually superor in many ways to drywall, it just requires more labor, more materials and a real craftsmen to install it... so it therefore costs a lot more.

    What do you think is superior... 1/2-5/8" of dried gypsum sandwiched between paper.... or 1"-1-14" thick of wood strips or beadboard covered with a lime and sand based concrete like material put on in 2 or 3 layers that's naturally antimicrobial and doesn't require sanding. It can even polished to a mirror-like finish or given a rough texture. IT has better sound absorption properties as well.
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    Default Re: Temporary Alternative to Boarding up Windows?

    Quote Originally Posted by motoguy128 View Post
    (Plaster) has better sound absorption properties as well.
    I beg to differ. In my experience, plaster (due to its hardness and density) tends to be more reflective rather than absorptive of sound as compared to gypsum drywall. What you may be speaking to is how it transmits sound: plaster is often more capable at blocking sound transmission between rooms than gypsum drywall is. A room with plaster walls is typically very "live."

    The acoustic reflectivity of plaster can be controlled with appropriate tapestries and placement of furniture, both soft-surfaced for absorption and hard-surfaced to break up standing wave reflections.

    Of course, it depends on the materials used, the manner of installation, and skill of the installer. I rather like the "sound" of a plaster room.
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    Default Re: Temporary Alternative to Boarding up Windows?

    What did you ever end up deciding to do? Storms or fixing windows would have been good for light and making the house look occupied and safer.

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