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    Default Range Hood--1850 period kitchen

    Hello Everyone,
    We are remodeling the kitchen in our 1850 house. The style is Early American/primitive.

    The stove will be located directly against the exposed brick back of a chimney. We are hoping to either minimize the look of the range hood or get one that has a style that is compatible with our period home.

    We like the exposed brick, and would prefer to keep as much of it visible as possible. So concealing the hood under a cabinet may not be a good option.

    We thought about getting a Jenn-Air downdraft stove, but the poor reviews ****** have been almost unanimous. So I guess we are looking at a wall mount hood. Again, the style is fairly primitive, so all of the beautiful Victorian style hoods I've seen would be too fancy.

    Does anyone has a clever idea or a supplier we could look at for this problem?

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    Default Re: Range Hood--1850 period kitchen

    How about a fairly simple copper hood? Maybe if you can find one with a hammered finish it might not look too fancy, but copper usually looks good against brick.

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    Default Re: Range Hood--1850 period kitchen

    You might want to consider one of these

    It has a built in exhaust fan.

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