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    Default Knob and tube wiring?

    I know this has probably been tossed around a billion times...

    I'm renting an old Victorian that has barely had any work done on it since it was built. In one of my excursions to our creepy basement, I discovered that we have almost exclusively knob-and-tube wiring. It looks to be in pretty good condition, considering that it's likely the first wiring the house had. We haven't had any issues with blowing out fuses or anything like that, but some of the wires look to be stapled to the baseboards rather than held away with the normal knobs. Is this something I should ask my landlord to look at?

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    Default Re: Knob and tube wiring?

    Yes. K & T wiring is designed to be carefully clamped in the porcelein knobs provided for it. If the wire would become abraided in the knob it would not make the knob electically live as the knob is an insulator. Unless the staple is an insulated staple - which it could be - the metal staple could become live if someone stapled it too tight to the wood.

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