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    Default Metal gate shifted and cannot close

    I have a metal front fence with a gate and gate is about a foot from the side wall. The top of the gate has shifted and so will not close. I have a very strong anchor in the wall put a brace to the gate post to stop this happening but still it shifted.
    I tried to use a twist hook to pull the gate closer to the wall but the twist hooks keep breaking.
    What else could I use to attach to the gate and the anchor that would help me pull the gate back into position?

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    Default Re: Metal gate shifted and cannot close

    What caused the gate to shift in the first place? Are you in a climate subject to frost heaving? Perhaps you should address what is causing the problem. If it is frost heaving, you should re-set the post and make sure the hole goes down below the frost line.

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    Default Re: Metal gate shifted and cannot close

    Other things to check:

    1. Check where the gate is attached to, see if it's plumbed: the post and/or the wall.

    2. Check the hinges.

    3. Check the opposite post, where the gate is supposed to lock, see if it's plumbed.

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