Hello! I have been making plans to insulate and put up drywall in our "crawl space" this weekend, but after a very informative trip to Lowes, I am left with a sense of dread! I have extra help in town, so I'm hoping to have this figured out by Friday!

The space is bigger than just a crawl space - I am 5'1" and can easily walk down the center of the room, with about 6" of clearance around my head - and is shaped like a triangle coming to a point at the top. I think we decided it's got about 240 sq. feet of wall space to be covered. The room is accessed by a low door in my bedroom, and is above a sunroom, which we use as a dining room. However, this room is always so cold in the winter that we rarely use it, which is why we'd like to insulate the space above it, hopefully making a viable year-round playroom in the process. The wall between the bedroom and crawl space already has insulation, but no dry wall. I should maybe mention that there is a proper attic for the rest of the house, with this being sort of like an attic for the sunroom.

The main problem comes from ventilation. There are soffits on either side of the sloped roofs and then a large vent on the exterior wall (there is also a window underneath, if that's important). The people at Lowes said we would probably have to bring the ceiling down to where the soffits and vent are hidden behind the drywall and everything - but that would basically cut the height of the room in half!

Is it possible to create a smaller vent higher up? How do we calculate how big that vent needs to be?

We just had a metal roof put on this past winter, and that seems to be going great. I really don't want to mess anything up as far as moisture and ventilation are concerned!

I have helped with an insulation project in the past, so thought I knew what I had to do, but apparently that home was very different from ours (or the owners were doing it wrong...).