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    Default connecting downspouts to pvc drain line

    new to forum.
    I have recently discovered that I can connect my gutter downspouts to PVC using tile adapters; this will help me tremendously as my downspouts are all located in areas where water pools easily.
    The process is fairly simple and I understand it, but my question is about what to do at the end of the pvc runs. I can attach a popup emitter that lets water drain out as it reaches it, and that would be perfect. My pvc runs will be 6 feet in one case and 10 in another, so I need to make sure that they are well buried and that they slope downward. If that is the case, a piece of straight PVC will need to come up to the ground level where the emitter will be (shown in red in the picture in the attached zip file. In the pic is a normal elbow, but I will have to attach say 3 or 4 inches of drain to bring it to the surface).

    1) If it make it too long, water wont flush out, correct?
    2) Should I use a 45 degree elbow instead to help water flow?
    3) As the rain stops and the pressure drops, water will collect in the pvc drain. Do I care about that?

    Sorry I attached it zipped. It's the only format that I could upload after trying 30 mins of jpeg and bmp.
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