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    I have a 28x 80 double wide trailor and have had a 5 ton heat pump installed.The problem is that it runs all day and seems like there is not much air flow threw the registers, so I think that the duct work has holes in it. The duct runs are made of foam board and I was wondering the best way to replace them.I know I will have to cut into the floor pan under the trailor to work on the ducts but wonder what size to replace the ducts with or just try and patch the holes I find.I was thinking of new floor registers and round insulated hoses.I hope you have some Ideas

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    The problems with trailers are many, not the least of which is the heating system.

    When you access the ducting, you will find it to be full of holes, the crawl space will be heated and cooled much better than your house. To hamper access to everything, the manufacturer thoughtfully laid a sheet of r13 on top of the trailer rails before setting the box of the house on top of it. While the insulation isn't doing much, it is something, and you'll riddle it with holes during your replacement of the ducting. Be prepared to reinsulate the underside of the house.

    While you're running new ducts, you may want to think about installing a return air branch as well, rather than relying on the convective transfer system that doesn't work well.
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    Go ahead and use that flex insulated ducts and the mice in your area will be in love with you. They eat right through it and build nests inside the ducts. They don't go outside to go to the bathroom either.

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