My daughter has a new house, well its about three years old now but she bought it new. She wants to add gutters. The gutter company told her they would have to remove the thin strip of wood at the top of the fascia board so the gutters would mount flat to the fascia.

they didn't say anything about painting the bare wood left, they don't do painting. So the last two weekends, I have removed this trim strip and have put on two coats of the best Valspar paint from Lowes. I did a light sanding of the contractor paint before painting.

Once the gutters go on, this will not be accessible again. Would it hurt to put on a third coat of paint?

I am going to paint the rest of her house shortly, not that the contractor paint has worn away yet, I want to do it before it is needed. Would it hurt to put three coats on the remaining fascia boards since they get more wear and tear from the elements?