Hi there, I have a concrete driveway that is 25 years old. There are a few cracks in it but it is generally structurally sound. I wanted to know if I could lay thin bricks (mortared and I believe 1 1/4 inches thick) over the concrete for purely decorative purposes. There is a slight slope in the driveway as it goes up to the parking spots.
Is the worst that could happen that the bricks would crack in places?
I've looked into pavers but one contractor told me that they would end up moving after a few years because it is a high traffic area and they are on sand. Other paver contractors did not see it that way but I'm not sure if they just want the business.
I am also not fond of the idea of stamping because it has to be resealed every 5 years. I want something that is low maintenance and pretty and will go with my 1915 craftsman. FYI I am in Los Angeles so freezing is not an issue-there are some heavy rains some seasons but that is about it!
Any advice?
thank you!