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    Default LA Project: Tiled Deck

    09/17/2011 Saw an episode today (may have been a repeat of episode #3025) that showed tiling a second story deck of the LA Project home off a child's bedroom, I think. Prior to tiling, the host explained that the substrate had 6 or 7 coats of waterproofing prior to thinset and tile. I would like to know what waterproofing product was used and what material it was put on?
    It had the appearance and sound of exterior grade wood plywood except that I thought I saw a metalic edging around the perimiter. Was the metalic edging a drip edge added to the decking?
    (I am preparing to lay travertine on second story deck in central Florida as the sun & rain has been way too brutal on yearly stained wood decking materials and I want to utilize space below deck as dry, screened living area. Deck structure is 2x12 16"o.c. struts 8' out from house. Have 3/4 exteroir grade plywood but am researching waterproofing prior to laying travertine.)
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