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    Default Cement Shingle Siding Trim

    I am seeking a source for corner flashings (interior and exterior corners) to go with the old cement-asbestos shingle siding. I am putting an addition on my 1920's home (which is already covered with this old siding) and wish to match the original. I have had no problem finding the shingles: GAF Purity 12"x24" shingles (non-asbestos but otherwise an exact match). However I cannot find anyone who carries or has a left over stock of the corner trim. I cannot even find any metal shops who will make it for me. Does anyone know of a source? I am in the Washington, DC area.

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    Default Re: Cement Shingle Siding Trim

    with the house being that old, the chances of finding a matching trim are slim to none. you might find something similar but it will take some hunting via siding suppliers.

    youd probably be better off replacing the existing trim and installing it new. id be very hesitant about working around the old asbestos siding though. i have done quite a bit of work on old homes with asbestos siding, because of the age of it and its nature it tends to be very brittle. in all honesty with the new regulations in place surrounding asbestos and lead , your better off hiring a licensed contractor to remove all of the asbestos and start fresh. you can properly seal the outside of the house against future leaks and know everything is new which will do you wonders if you go to sell
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