Resurrecting an older thread..............

Ahhhh come on DJ....have a little more confidence in me!!! I did what I had planned and it worked. After all was said and done, 2 tiles were broken across 3 days of sending them down my home made chute. Not bad, eh?!

I used one half of an old wooden extension ladder that a neighbor had given me when he moved. I had some paneling that I had removed from my bathroom. I cut the paneling to fit inside the ladder and spliced the pieces together from underneath so that the splices caught on the ladder rungs and the whole section of paneling would not slide off once the ladder was in place. I built this little "box" that fit over my miter saw stand, sort of like a shoe box cover fits on a shoe box. We put an old cushion on it and it was ready to go. My mom helped me on the first day and I paid a neighbor for his help on days 2 & 3. All in all, I salvaged 1200 field tiles, all my edge pieces, and all the ridge caps I could get off without breaking.

Here are a couple photos of my home made tile chute.

The top:

The bottom:

And here is a link to a short video of the chute in action. Sorry for the mediocre quality. I simply used my point & shoot digital camera to shoot this little video.