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    Default Strips under metal roof?

    I am about to have my roof replaced next month. I was talking about it with a co-worker and they asked if they were going to be putting strips down above the solid decking before the metal roof went down and I told him no. He mentioned something about this always being the mistake that people make when installing a metal roof by not putting the strips to allow an air gap.

    As it stands, my roof will be stripped down to the 1 x's that are on top of my rafters. Solid decking plywood will be installed, then it will be water-proofed, then the metal roof goes down.

    Any comments or suggestions?

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    Default Re: Strips under metal roof?

    the furring strips to create the air space is to allow for air curculation. its to keep the metal roofing the same temperature as the outside space so that condensation doesnt form which in turn can rot your roof sheathing...
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    Default Re: Strips under metal roof?

    Sophie find out who the manufacture is of the metal....ck there installation specs.......

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    Default Re: Strips under metal roof?

    It's called a cool roof system. It can also be done by installing a plastic mesh made to do the same thing. Another advantage is you can then insulate you roof from inside between the rafters.

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