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    my barn is in a low spot and rain water flows to the front of it. i need to put a catch basin in but the ditch in front may not be lower than the basin. i need to talk to someone familiar with this kind of a drainage problem.

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    Since water always goes to the lowest point, you need a catch basin which will be lower than the area in front of the barn.

    That means grading and digging a lower basin. OR, sending your excess water to us in desert California.
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    The barn shouldn't have been built in a hole.

    The only way to keep water out will be to regrade the surrounding area so that water has a place to go OTHER than into the barn, which may mean installing a sump pump and well if there is no ground lower than the barn.

    Keep in mind that it is illegal to divert water from your property to the neighbors property, you can only divert to municipal run-off systems or figure out a way to deal with it within the confines of your property.
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    Use a grade level to make sure you have fall to the ditch even if the pipe lays flat the water will run away from the barn.

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