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    Unhappy Vacant House

    My parents passed away and now we must sell the house.
    It is in Vermont. Can we drain the pipes for the winter?
    It will cost us $350/ heat it.

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    There is a winterizing procedure you should follow for putting a vacant house to bed for the winter. We've talked about it quite a few times around here, so you might try the search feature to see what you can find.

    I don't live in a cold climate, so I can't advise other than to turn off water and drain the entire system. If there is lawn irrigation, that will need to be blown out and winterized.
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    Draining the lines in a cold climate like Vermont is not as easy as it sounds. They must be blown out to get water out of any low lying dips in the pipes.Toilet bowls and sink traps should be fulled with an antifreeze mixture to keep sewer gas out of the house, They will need to be checked periodically to replenish what has evaporated. The power to the water heater needs to be turned off and the WH drained. If it has a boiler the boiler, the lines, and the radiators or radiant heat lines need to be drained.
    Another consideration is leaving it vacant with no heat at all may cause other damage.

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    If you don't winterize, you can run the heat at 50 degrees through the winter months. That keeps the heating bill way down and prevents the pipes from freezing.

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