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    Default Laundry Plaster Repair

    This is a west coast beach area home. The laundry area is in the garage. I have a 2'x 2' hole in the wall, which appears to be plaster over drywall, although there is also a concrete foundation 12" high with a double-header on top at the bottom of the hole. If I install a drywall patch to the hole, do I still use vapor barrier and chicken wire over the top, and do I need some type of bonding agent to adhere the patch. There is also missing plaster over the foundation wall below the hole. How do I adhere the plaster patch to that as well?

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    Default Re: Laundry Plaster Repair

    Depending on how thick your old plaster is, you will need to use chicken wire to hold up the new plaster, and barrier too.

    New plaster should stick to where you apply it. Apply it in multiple coats.

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