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    Default Mobile Home Outdoor wiring


    We recently purchased a 1997 Skyline Mobile Home and aside from some cosmetic things, seems pretty solid. I did notice though, that around the back and one side of the house, are what look like pipes, (electrical wiring with heavy molding around it), with junction boxes and it has several locations where outlets are installed. Everything looks good, except at two places where the pipes meet up with the junction boxes, the wire can be seen in a gap. Exposed wire is never good, so I am wondering what the best advice would be....should I attempt to secure the junction of the box and pipe, by pushing it together again, or will that damage the wiring? The gaps are less then 1/4 of an inch, but every time I see the wire I worry.

    I want it water tight, obviously, but Im not sure the best way to do this, without doing damage.

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    Default Re: Mobile Home Outdoor wiring

    Sounds like the conduit just needs to be reattached/secured at the boxes. This is an easy thing to do, just turn the power off first.

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    Default Re: Mobile Home Outdoor wiring

    Try to push the ends back together , or , if that doesn't work , fill the crack with clear RTV silicone .

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