I own a house built in 1950 but which had major internal renovations done around 2004 (central air, 3rd bedroom removed , new roof etc )before we bought it. Some time ago I noticed cracks forming on the textured ceiling in our living room and kitchen. One of these cracks runs all the way from the old rear door in the kitchen, straight through the doorway separating the kitchen and living room, and ends at the front door in the living room. There are 2 other cracks that run shorter distances in the living room and kitchen. The textured ceiling is also flaking and peeling in other areas in the kitchen and living room (don't know if that is related or not). I plan on doing the cosmetic repairs at some point but I'm not sure if I should be overly concerned about what is causing the cracks. Our home inspector didn't find anything when he checked the "attic" area other than there appeared to be evidence of previous water entry ( he wasn't too concerned with it this was 3 years ago and the roof is around 7 years old). I'm worried that something major is wrong with the house. If anyone can give me any ideas on what I should do I would greatly appreciate it.